Market Penetration in the Pandemic Period, AQUA Japan Presents Innovative Products


JAKARTA,  – It is undeniable, that 2020 is a year full of challenges. The impact of Covid-19 pandemic had a significant influence to the development of business and industrial world. Including the business of home appliances product.

The decline in market demand and production capacity at the beginning of the enactment of the Large-Scale Social Limitation regulation (PSBB) is a challenge for the electronics industry. Faced with this situation, home appliances manufacturer, AQUA Japan implemented a strategy to adjust the company’s performance to the conditions in Covid-19.

“The key to being able to continue to grow lies in the strategy and innovation. For this reason, during this pandemic, AQUA Japan continues to present products with technological innovations that are able to answer the needs of customers,” said President Director of AQUA Japan Indonesia, Kenji Sadayuki, during the virtual event “Media Kick Off AQUA Japan 2020”, Wednesday (07/15/2020).

In this difficult time, AQUA Japan continues to be committed in providing the best for customers. Through the right technological innovation, which can answer the needs of customers, AQUA Japan believes its products will be able to bring happiness to Indonesian families while at home.

“In this difficult time, we want to share or spread happiness through innovative products that are able to answer the needs of the society. When they have to be at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we want the presence of our products can bring happiness because it can help their activities at home. We hope that happiness can then be conveyed to other families,” said Sadayuki.

While government health protocols encourage people to minimize outdoor activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, AQUA Japan sees that customers have different habits. Such as shopping for daily needs once a week, working from home, and increasing the activity at home. To support these activities, AQUA Japan presents products with technology and innovation that are suitable to the needs of customers or society today.

In addition, AQUA Japan also noticed that while at home people spend more time doing communication activities on digital channels and social media. So that AQUA Japan currently continues to make improvements for digital-based programs.

“We maximize our various programs, to make it easier for consumers to access products and information related to AQUA Japan. For instance, telemarketing programs, live streaming online marketing, as well as through various other digital activities,” said Head of Marketing Department of AQUA Japan Indonesia, Glenn Manengkei.

Furthermore Glenn said, with the right innovation, despite the current pandemic, AQUA Japan believes its products will remain in demand by Indonesian people.

“By answering the needs of consumers, we believe our products are able to bring happiness to families at home, and hope they can share that happiness with other families. In accordance with our latest sub-campaign, ‘Spread Happiness’, “said Glenn Manengkei.

Innovative Products that Able to Answer Consumer Needs

During the Covid-19 pandemic, besides limiting activities outside home, nowadays people are concerned with health-related issues. For this reason, AQUA Japan as a home appliances manufacturer that understands the needs of consumers and answer those needs.

“The technological innovations that we present are endeavoring to answer the needs of today’s society. Such as, presenting an air conditioner with AQUA Fresh feature that is able to clean up the dust and dirt that sticks to the evaporator and kills 99.99% viruses and bacteria. So that it will always produces clean and healthy air free from dust, dirt, viruses, and bacteria,” explained the Head of Product Planning Department of AQUA Japan Indonesia, Meiriano Ullman or familiarly called Rian.

In addition, AQUA Japan also presents other innovative products, to support the activities at home. Such as presenting Android Smart TV products that will become a complete entertainment facility for families at home, Magic Cooling refrigerator series with flexible storage, and a washing machine with Smart Dry Function technology that can dry clothes up to 100% and also wider drum series that gives 25% cleaner washing results.

“Our products present with the best technology that able to answer the needs of families while at home,” said Rian.

If you want to start a culinary business, Rian said AQUA Japan also presents a Chest Freezer and Showcase that will support the development of your culinary business.

“We present a chest freezer with Turbo Fan Freezer technology, Electronic Temperature Control, Super-Fast Freezing, 48 hours cooling retention which will certainly be able to support your business development. In this difficult time, we will continue to bring the best for the people of Indonesia,” concluded Rian.

About AQUA Japan
AQUA Japan’s is a Multi-National Brand Home Appliances, and as the name implies, AQUA Japan present a variety of the latest innovation products with technology and quality from Japan. The products we have in particular are Big appliances, such as Washing Machines, Refrigerators, TVs, Air Conditioners, Bottle Coolers and Chest Freezers and small home appliances, such as Blenders, Juicers, Microwave, Vacuum Cleaners.
With the support of more than 440 quality employees spread throughout Indonesia, AQUA Japan has a very wide distribution network, namely 18 branch offices and sole agents, and 260 official service network. Distribution of AQUA Japan has been supported by more than 3,500 sales outlets so that distribution networks and services have spread nationwide.
AQUA Japan is expanding by targeting high-end market targets while taking into account the current middle-class market. For further information, please contact Nita Apriani (085711991894). (Prlis/MP)

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