Navy of Morotai Island held a KAL Wayabula 1-14-12 welcoming and inauguration event on

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MOROTAI, – The event took place at Imam Lastori pier, South Morotai District, Morotai Island Regency. Also present at the event were the District. Head of Morotai Island, Beny Laos, Danlanud Leo, mayor, Colonel Nav.Arif Budianto, Danlanal Morotai, Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Kariady Bangun, SE, M.Tr Hanla, Danramil 1508-05 Daruba Mayor Inf. Mulhaman, Morotai Island Police Chief AKBP Mikhael P. Sitanggang tutor of Morotai Island, South Morotai Sub-District Head Nardi Barakati S.H, Morotai Island SKPD Chair and invited guests.

Wayabula Navy ship (KAL) 1-14-12 is a limited patrol vessel for the Lanal Island Morotai working area. With the presence of KAL, it will further strengthen law enforcement in the maritime waters in the Pacific lip of Morotai Island Regency, Kariyadi said.

So far, according to information, the border region has been found to be illegal fishing practices, however, we have not been able to reach our existing tools, Kariyadi said.

So that with the presence of KAL Wayabula, he said, Lanal Morotai Island is more free to maintain the security of border areas. because the excess of KAL can operate for 3 days in the final sea. KAL Wayabula was given the theo Morotai majajaga slogan which was interpreted as the Morotai Island Sea Guard.

While the name Wayabula is used because it is a pride of Morotai because Wayabula is the oldest sub-district on Morotai Island, he said. Clearly, Kariyadi has a close relationship with the regional and central government programs in which Morotai Island District has been designated as a Special Economic Zone focused on the fishing industry and automated tourism is very connected in terms of policy.

The hope is that with the presence of KAL Wayabula 1-14-12 this can add to the strength of the AL Alutista base defense equipment. In maintaining sea security in the territorial waters of Morotai Island. With a relatively small dimension, however, it can maneuver agile even in the narrow waters so that young pursuit and scouts against threats and violations of law in the sea he said.

While the Regent of Morotai Island, Beny Laos added that this is a rare beginning of the resurgence of the Morotai sea base. Because this is a program from President Joko Widodo, the third aspiration to build Indonesia from the other suburbs including Morotai.

Therefore in the future Morotai is planned to be built by the sea base in Pangeo Village with a land area of ​​30 H and the Army at Sangowo will automatically deploy many fleets to Morotai to protect the border areas in the east, north and glorious directlybordering the Asia Pacific region, Beny explained.

Therefore, in the future the front door of North Asia Pacific is on Pulau Morotai so that we need to strengthen our military composite in order to strengthen our country defense, Beny concluded. (MP-Red/Ojemona/IWO)

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