Morotai Island Government Holds PPDT Thematic Coordination Meeting and Thematics


MOROTAI ISLAND, – Underdeveloped Regional Development Agency of the Department of Manpower and Transmigration, North Maluku Province, together with the District Government  of Morotai Island, held a thematic coordination and synchronization meeting session on the Acceleration of Regional Development (ADMR), on Wednesday (03/27/2019).

The activity was themed 'economic development based on local resources to improve the economy of people in disadvantaged areas.

Also attending the event were Assistant I for Governance and Law, Muchlis Baay, Head of the Department of Manpower and Transmigration of North Maluku Province, represented by Head of North Maluku Province PPDT Division Darmawati Dahmah, relevant SKPD leaders covered by Morotai Island Government, Sub-District Heads and District Heads Morotai Island, Chair of the Morotai Island BUMDes and MSMEs.

In his greeting, Burhan said the purpose and objective of this activity was to coordinate economic activities in supporting the development of the local economy in Morotai Island District.

The general implementation mechanism includes increasing added value and market orientation, including the need for the availability of locations to be carried out that reflect agro-tourism areas, minapolitan fisheries and others.

With the development of a local resource-based economy to improve the economy of people in disadvantaged areas, Burhan explained.

While the speech of Assistant I for Government and Secretariat Law of Morotai Island, Muchlis Baay, while representing the Regent said that the Morotai Regency Government hoped that all parties would continue to strive to accelerate development in the area we love.

So that the program of the Ministry of Manpower is truly realized in synergy with the Morotai Island District Government, he said.

Increasing national economic stability is based on the main theme of the activity today. Morotai Island Regency becomes a living sector, agricultural sector, marine sector and fisheries sector as well as the tourism sector. North Maluku Province and Morotai Island become blessings with the location and resources. Our marine can be used optimally in order to support the Local Based Economy, he hoped.

He said, in the national policy the central government set Morotai Island Regency as a national tourism strategic area (RNTSA).

So there are 10 Tourism Destinations called 10 new Bali, Morotai Island Regency is one of the 10 new Bali, he said.

Thus the development of agriculture, marine, fisheries and tourism-based economy can be improved and developed into a national policy based on local activities for marine, fisheries and tourism activities, so there are several national policies placed in Morotai, including the placement of Integrated Marine and Fisheries Centers (IMFC).

So we need to know that with this SKPT it has penetrated the export market in several districts in North Maluku, which is one of the regions that can penetrate exports for marine and fisheries commodities, he said.

He added that a number of activities from the PPDT Ministry in Morotai Island District were expected with coordination and synchronization meetings that existing local resources could be utilized for regional progress starting from the agriculture, fisheries and tourism sectors, and could benefit the people welfare. (RED-MP/IWO)

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